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Power Factor Correction, Voltage Optimisation & Harmonic Filtration

In recent years, greater emphasis has been put on improving the efficiency and quality of both new and existing LV electrical supply installations, reducing power wastage and lowering running costs to clients.

At Carville Switchgear, we have the expertise to offer the following solutions – either fitted integrally into our switchboards, or as stand alone or retrofit units.

Power Factor Correction

Power Factor affects every operation with a 3-phase AC electrical supply to some degree or other. The ideal Power Factor is unity, or one. Anything less than one, (or 100% efficiency), means that extra power is required to achieve the actual task at hand.

We are able to install Power Factor Correction technology to restore Power Factor to as close to unity as is economically viable, thus reducing the burden on the supply.

Voltage optimisation

The electricity supply in the United Kingdom after European harmonization can be anywhere between 216V and 253V depending on local conditions.

We are able to install  voltage optimisation units to optimise and improve the incoming voltage for a whole site and therefore cut energy costs and carbon emissions. This reduces energy bills, maintenance costs and extends equipment life substantially.

Harmonic Filtration

Harmonics caused by non-linear electrical loads are a growing problem both for electricity suppliers and users. As well as causing interference in communication networks, they can cause low efficiency, overheating and even failure in transformers and cables.

We have installed harmonic filtration units into new and existing LV switchboards across the UK.